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FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 10:00am PST
dangerous multi-state manhunt unfolding at this hour, searching for a military trained former l.a.p.d. officer suspected of murdering three people so far and shooting several others. police say christopher dorner implicated himself with a chilling 14-page manifesto in which he warned of more carnage to come and police are warning their potential targets and confirmed that some of the officers involved in the manhunt opened fire in two separate incidents thinking that the suspect was approaching them in his truck and turned out that two civilians were injured in the first incident. it's unclear what happened in the second incident and none of those people appear connected to the suspect in any way. we suspect to learn more on this when the los angeles police chief takes the podium and there the press conference is getting ready and that will happen at any minute and we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, we have fox news coverage and trace gallagher is in our news room. and adam housley is in riverside, california with the latest on the manhunt. and i know it's changing by the min
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
guys are going to have to be fluid here because 33-year-old christopher dorner, former l.a. cop turned murderer, may be dead, possibly killed by authorities after he barricaded himself in a mountain cabin east of los angeles. we don't know his status. cabin is is on fire even as we speak. so through the this hour we are going to go back in and out. okay? the drama began shortly after noon west coast time when dorner stole a car, tried to make a get away from the big bear ski area where he had been hiding after murdering a police captain's daughter, her fiance and then a riverside county police officer severely wounding another. dorner alluded authorities for six days, today he killed yet another officer, a california wildlife warden. also wounded another warden in critical condition right now. so what we're going to do through the this hour latest on this case because stuff is happening minute by minute, literally. all right? we don't know about dorner. we do know that scores of police surrounded the cabin where he was. okay? fired tear gas into that cabin. cabin caught fire. you saw t
Feb 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the l.a. cop on a killing spree is centered in the mountains east of los angeles. the weather could complicate an already very difficult and dangerous search. cbs reporter, edward lawrence, begins our coverage from l.a. edward. >> yeah, elizabeth, but the weather is helping at the moment. there's snow on the ground, so police confirm they found footprints in the snow there around the burned car. they did find, they say, is christopher dorner's car up in big bear. the sheriff department said they followed the footprints. they searched the area and have not found him. there's 125 police officers up there right now who are planning on working through the night in order to go door to door and also search the woods up near big bear. police are scouring the mown tans of big bear, california, hunting one of their own. >> certainly it could be anywhere at this point. >> former los angeles police officer and navy reservist is wanted for a shooting rampage that left three people dead, including a cop. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him.
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
neighborhoods and our communities. >> as the manhunt continues for former l.a. police officer christopher dorner, the city offers its largest reward ever for the man accused of killing three. in his online manifesto, dorner threaten to wage and conventional and asymmetrical warfare against the police department he accused of racism and corruption. the united states ratchets up this economic war against iran ahead of this month's nuclear talks. >> i want to underscore to iran, the window for diplomacy is still open and we have agreed to meet iran again in two weeks. we have made our position clear. the choice is really up to iran. >> will speak with president of the national iranian american council. and historian on the largest and unconventional life of misses paul robeson. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the vatican has announced pope an addict will step down as head of the catholic church later this month. it's a surprise move makes benedict the first pontiff to resign in nearly six centuries his policy has been marked by a range of issue
Feb 8, 2013 12:35am EST
" is next. thanks for watching. good night. >>> tonight on "nightline," a massive search and l.a. under siege for an ex-cop suspected of killing three in a terrifying rampage. tonight, he is still on the loose, and we've got the latest on the deadly manhunt. >>> whole foods. how a radical ceo grew a tiny health food store into a grocery empire that is changing the way america shops and eats. >>> and pet acupuncture. giving new meaning to the name heal. cats, dogs, even pot bellied pigs. how they're owners are turning to alternative ways to cure >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> hello, i'm terry moran. tonight, a manhunt is under way in southern california and the los angeles police department is under siege. 10,000 law enforcement officers are conducting door-to-door searches for one of their own, a fugitive ex-cop. 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner, suspected of killing three people in a terrifying rampage, after making claims in a bizarre online manifesto that he was unjustly fired by the lapd and needs to clear his name. in a police department with
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
was fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2008 for making false statements. he filed a wrongful termination suit but lost the case. >> the people he had a grievance were fair game and so were their families. >> reporter: the killing spree began on sunday when the daughter of the l.a.p.d. captain was found dead along with her fiance and then thursday dorner shot and killed an officer and then shot two more. during the morning chaos police mistakenly shot and wounded two women delivering newspapers when officers thought they spotted dorner's truck. >> there are many local connections to this bizarre story. we continue our coverage. some of dorner's anger is targeted at bill bratten. >> reporter: bratten says he fired dorner when he was chief of police in los angeles and that puts him on dorner's list. tonight police say this situation is a reminder that officers can become targets. newly hired consultant is on christopher dorner's list. dorner sent a package to anderson cooper at cnn. inside a shot up l.a.p.d. coin given to him by bratten and a note. bratten says he is a target because he signed o
Feb 9, 2013 4:00pm PST
have multiple weapons as well. let's bring in kasey, he is in l.a. there have been sightings of dorner, alleged sightings. it may or may not be him. we are talking las vegas to new mexico co, since authorities do not know yet wre is. how wide a net are they casting in the man hunt? >> well, you just talked about ilt, from as far away as las vegas where he had property to the mexican border, south of san diego is and that is where cnn found video of dorner taken on monday. earlier this week. now, you may recall that the first two victims of this killing spree that police say dorner is the main -- the only suspect in, were monica qwan and keith lawrence. the daughter of a former l.a.p.d. official. and keith lawrence her fiance. 12 hours after their murder was reported, this video was shot outside a business in national city california. it shows a pick up truck that police say was dorner's pickup truck, and it shows a man reassembling him getting out of the truck throwing several items in the dumpster behind the business. here is what the owner said happened when this was all discovered.
Feb 16, 2013 2:05am PST
bobbie is with us today. >> well, i love being in l.a. because this is where my home is. mom and sister and everyone. but what black is to new york, nail art -- >> i know. everybody here is into nail art. >> nail art is what l.a. is all about, and i know you never ever want to do it, and i won't ruin your manicure. >> please don't. i just got one yesterday. >> i won't ruin it. one really big trend is this foil manicure. do you see these foil kits that all you do is apply a top coat that gets tacky, and then you literally press -- >> that's the word. >> i think it's fun. >> of course you do. >> next it's nail lingerie. lingerie for your nails, which i am going to freak kathie out. it won't ruin your manicure. >> it better not, bobbie. i'm telling you. you know i hate this stuff. >> you're probably going to keep this on. >> i hate it. oh, i hate it already. >> leave it on. leave it on. >> oh, bobbie, i hate it. it's horrible. >> no. >> rip it. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's not that bad. get a close up. >> now you have a ratty one. >> that looks really good. >> it's really good. it's called nail
Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm EST
police officer allegedly turns his guns on the l.a. p.d. three are dead, and a manhunt expands. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement, and it should be seen as such. >> pelley: ben tracy has the story. john miller with more on the suspect. david martin shows us the navy's next generation drone bomber as congress investigates whether drone killings are legal. and after russia banned adoptions by americans, robert and kim summers went to moscow anyway, hoping to bring back a son. elaine quijano has the rest of ther story. >> don't let these children suffer, please. that's all we ask. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. two ill winds are blowing tonight, a low-pressure storm system rolling out of the midwest will soon collide with another system coming out of the southeast. where they meet will be a classic nor'easter with blizzard conditions. blizzard warnings are up from northern new jersey to maine. and in some of the nation's most important transportation hubs, 1600 flights ha
Feb 13, 2013 2:05am PST
because we flew from new york to l.a. >> go ahead. keep talking. i'm in show business. the show goes on. the show goes on. keep talking, hoda. >> all right. jet lag is one of those -- oh, god. >> just don't call attention to it. nobody notices. >> disgusting. >> i got it under my nails too. wait, wait, wait. >> oh. i knew you ruined a perfectly good drink. you're sick. you are gross. forget it. forget about jet lag. we fly across the country and you get tired. but what we found out is people in l.a. are different from people in new york. the coasts are completely different, as you guys know. one of the ways people are different is in the way they speak. we're getting the hang of it. we're learning and listening, but there is some interesting tape. and this kind of nutshells how people in l.a. talk. let's take a listen. >> take mountain. >> just take pass. >> take the 5 to the 605 to the 210 and the 134 to 101. >> can you believe it's january? >> you look so skinny. >> do you have almond milk? >> gogi berry. >> i love kale. >> do you have anything organic? >> this is why i only drink int
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
allegedly launched a rampage of row venge. christopher dorner was fired by the l.a.p.d. in 2008. tonight itarchs peer every officer on the force is a potential target. here is ben tracy. >> reporter: police in southern california are on full tactical alert and on edge. >> put your window down. >> reporter: officers have surrounded los angeles police headquarters to defend it from 33-year-old christopher dorner police chief charlie beck. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: at 1:25 this morning the former cop and navy veteran allegedly shot at two police officers in corona, california wounding one. 20 minutes later he killed a riverside, california, policeman in a stop light ambush. dorner is believed to have multiple weapons including a semiautomatic rifle. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is-- it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: dorner was fired by the l.a. police department in 2008 after file a false brutality complaint agains
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >>> new details about the manhunt for a former l.a.p.d. officers and where investigators are now looking. >>> and one of the oldest olympic sports dropped from the 2020 games -- at noon. >>> this is unacceptable. i don't understand this. >> residents outraged after an oakland neighborhood is targeted again by arsonists. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> a quiet east bay neighborhood has been the target of a serious crime where several cars were burned. new at noon, ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from oakland to explain what's happened there now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is the tree set on fire just a few weeks ago. just a few yards up the street here, this is the tree set on fire last night. there was a car parked here. it caught fire as well. residents say someone is intentionally setting trees on fire and that has them worried about what will happen next about two weeks ago, someone set these trees on fire on nicole street. this is cell phone video. in that fire, several cars and power lines were damaged. last night, two more trees were set
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
the evidence, later in the show. we'll end on a fun note. are l.a. women unbearable? how's that for fun? go time. ♪ theme ♪ cenk: did you hear what i said earlier? we got a new sheriff in town! senator elizabeth warren, from the great state of massachusetts. they got the bank regulators in thursday. everybody was expecting softballs, as usual. rock again bob. sheriff warren's in town. >> now i know there have been some landmark settlements, but we face special issues with financial institutions. if they can break the law and drag in billions in profits and then turn around and settle, paying out of those profits. they don't have enough incentive to follow the law. cenk: that's 100% right so these regulators haven't had they are feet held to the fire in a long time and didn't know how to rating to it. here was my favorite question. >> so, the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are about how much leverage you really have in these settlements and what i'd like to know is tell me a little bit about the last few times you've taken the biggest financial institutions on wall
FOX News
Feb 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
and widespread epidemic of fear fueled by the killing rampage of a fugitive ex-l.a. cop. a navy veteran and weapons expert who after killing three is still at large despite an intense manhunt that stretches from l.a. to san diego to big bear mountain and beyond. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. onlineed by the online manifesto alleging that his career as a cop was undone by racism. even as most condemn the murders some remember rodney king, the o.j. simpson murder trial and the troubled relations between copses and te black community. most agree the lapd has changed since the old days and it is not racism but brutal murder. >> when you have something of this nature, someone who is highly trained and highly capable, having been a police officer in the past. having had prior military experience who made threats that you have all read about in the manifeste we take this seriously. >> we will be live from l.a.p.d. head quarters later in the show. we begin tonight with the aftermath of the blizzard that caused massive disruption from new jersey to maine. the massa
Feb 21, 2013 2:05am PST
city walk. hoda knows how much i used to live in l.a., i love l.a. connecticut's my home, but howie mandel just won't say no. he said come to my house in malibu, you have to buy it. >> kathie has been looking around at homes and did go in at howie mandel's home with gloves on to check it out, so let's take a look. >> he's a bit of a germaphobe. >> here at howie mandel's malibu beach house, i heard he's selling it. i've come prepared, because he is a germaphobe. okay. howesville. there he is! i know that chrome dome anywhere. hi, guy. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> look at this, what a great costume. you look like trick or treat. ♪ you know what, this is the worst day that you could possibly come to the beach. the beauty of this house and the reason we bought this house, you can't see, is from every room out that way is ocean. >> you designed this? >> we had people do it. if i had a hammer, i would. >> a hammer in the morning. >> hammer in the evening, too. all over this land. you want to walk around? you want me to show you the place? >> i want to see everything. >> will you b
Feb 11, 2013 5:00am PST
about the music. >> big night for music. big night for cbs, too. teresa garcia live in l.a., thank you. >> we'll check in with liam mayclem live in about 35 minutes. we'll have more on the grammys at >>> police in southern california are still looking for the ex-police officer they say has already killed three people. it's been eight days since police say christopher dorner killed his first two victims. lapd was on high alert for last night's grammy show. los angeles officials also announced a $1 million reward. it comes as the search for the former cop winds down in the mountains east of l.a. meantime, l.a.'s police chief has reopened an investigation into the circumstances of dorner's firing. >> he was to give himself up, we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> dorner claims he was fired for roaring a fellow officer for excessive fors. the last clue investigators have of dorner's whereabouts was thursday when they found his burned pickup truck near a mountain resort. >>> it is 5:06. the man suspected in killing of a 13
Feb 8, 2013 12:35am PST
search and l.a. under siege for an ex-cop suspected of killing three in a terrifying rampage. tonight, he is still on the loose, and we've got the latest on the deadly manhunt. >>> whole foods. how a radical ceo grew a tiny health food store into a grocery empire that is changing the way america shops and eats. >>> and pet acupuncture. giving new meaning to the name heal. cats, dogs, even pot bellied pigs. how they're owners are turning pigs. how t[ male announcer ] withng citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> hello, i'm terry moran. tonight, a manhunt is under way in southern california and the los angeles police department is under siege. 10,000 law enforcemen
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm EST
california. the police have closed in on a fired l.a. cop wanted in a series of revenge killings. carter evans has the breaking news. a major withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan. we'll preview the president's announcement which will come in tonight's state of the union. major garrett is at the white house. charlie d'agata in afghanistan. her parents will be with the first lady tonight. her alleged killers are in jail. dean reynolds on the shooting death of hadiya pendleton. and the taliban robbed afghanistan of its musical soul. but he is bringing it back. >> we can speak in a common language of humanity which is the language of music. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, the most-wanted man in california, fired los angeles cop christopher dorner, appears to be surrounded tonight. he's holed up in a house in san bernardino county east of l.a. dorner was discovered by fish and game officers a little after noon local time today. there have been gun battles and two officers have been wounded. their condition is unknown
Feb 5, 2013 11:35pm PST
wonderful weather reporters in l.a. the only thing we don't have is weather. which means our weather people have to be a lot better looking. to make my point, we're going to play a game right now called l.a. weather caster or charlie sheen's girlfriend. all right? i'm going to show you a picture of a woman. your job is to guess whether that woman is a weather reporter here in los angeles or a woman charlie sheen has dated. okay? let's begin. l.a. weather caster or charlie sheen girlfriend? charlie sheen girlfriend? let's find out. that is a weather person for nbc. who appears to have been caught in the rain without clothes on. all right. next, l.a. weather caster or charlie sheen girlfriend. yes. that is bri olsen, one of his form he goddesses. next up? l.a. weather caster or charlie sheen girlfriend? that is another bri. bri winkler, a weather caster at kabc. her teeth are too good to be charlie sheen -- next up. weather caster or charlie sheen girlfriend? we have a mix. that is a former goddess. natalie kenley who is a -- [ applause ] i don't know why you're applauding. all right. l.a. we
Feb 12, 2013 2:00pm PST
heat" or something. let me ask you about the authorities involved in tracking him. are they all l.a. sheriffs? what department has been pursuing and maybe in this firefight right now against him? >> it's been pretty much lapd and in this area it's been the sheriff's department has had the lead on the investigation in the area where this gunfight is going on now. the san bernardino sheriff's department, also this is an area with a lot of resorts, a lot of state forest so the state fish and wild life is involved. we understand from the radio traffic that it's actually state fish and wild life officers, at least two who have been wounded so far. >> can you tell us now as we pick up on this case it reminds me of the white bronco this time of night in l.a. when o.j. simpson was being pursued. it seems to me there's a contradiction. is he trying to get away or trying to confront? >> well, that's the thing. he in this manifesto he made clear he was going to go after these people. and ever since the initial shootings on last sunday, a week ago yesterday, or a week ago -- i'm sorry, a week a
Feb 8, 2013 5:00am EST
shot and killed three people in a vendetta & against he l-a-p-d..ed payne has the ssory of massive man &phunt for an ee coo.... turned cop-killerr cop-kkller. 3 authorities say they believe dorner s responsibbe for a stting of shoottngs that have ppecific ttess o law 3 manifesto this is a very ...lapd is a specifii tarret, but all law enforcement is targeted. this is a vendetta against aal southern california llw eeffrrement."in - thht 11 page manifesto dorner complains about mistreatment by the l-a-p-ddofficers who he says took his dream job away. &ppi will bringgunconventional aad asymmettical warfare too those innlapd uniform whether on or off dutyy""i that letter he vowed quote: "" will bring unconveetional and asymmmtrical warffrr to those 3shooting n monica quan and her fiance keith lawrence. daughter of l-a-p-d officer who appeal after he lost his - joo.second shooting in ooona ramp.policer say dorrnr shot at ne officer was grazed in thh ead with a bullet.the offfcerr dorner set off again. was in riversideewhere, poliie 3 roundssthe two offi
Feb 18, 2013 11:35pm EST
simpson at l.a.x. >> he's the young australian beiber guy. >> he is about to embark on a european tour. >> going to ireland. >> to ireland? >> yeah. >> you have a concert out there? >> yeah, i got a tour in europe. >> we said what do you think about people saying you look like justin bieber? >> i'm me. >> i'm going to meet up with him in ireland. >> he's meeting justin bieber in ireland. but they are going to be allowed to drink. beiber can drink over there and if he mouths off to a man in ireland, he might be losing little beiber. i'm dead serious, if he carries on the way he carries on here in ireland, he will get battered. >> they just do that there? >> yeah, you get put in line. >> ireland, come for the guinness, stay because you're in a coma. >> right. >> hope you guys have a good time. >> alec baldwin had another nasty run in with the paparazzi which he said some nasty stuff. >> he claims he didn't threaten her. he said i hope you choke to death. >> plus ed sheeran, the pop sensation guy. >> are you scared of taylor swift writing songs about you? >> would you date her? >> no. >>
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
from the l.a.p.d. back in 2008. and he claims the killing will not stop unless and until he gets justice. now, fast forward to today, in an area near big bear lake, in california, on bear mountain, the place where investigators last week found the guy's burned out truck, police say a suspect matching the guy, dorner's description, broke into a home and tied up a couple. one reportedly escaped and called police. the suspect then reportedly stole the couple's vehicle and drove away. fish and game authorities then spotted him on a nearby road. the suspect is as the story goes, opened fire on them. took off into the forest and then into a cabin. law enforcement backup arrived. there was another gun fight as the police put it in which the suspect shot two deputies and one has now reportedly died. today in los angeles, police said they will not rest until this is over. >> the best thing for him now would be to surrender and allow us to take him into custody and is he can face the criminal justice system a serious concern for our officers here. until this guy is in handcuffs and in cust
Feb 19, 2013 10:00pm PST
. the family finally called police after two weeks. police nabbed him in l.a. monterey county sheriff deputies say they couldn't issue an amber alert because they didn't have a suspect vehicle description. >> it's not a matter of regret, we didn't meet the criteria. >> a memorial appeared at the crime scene after identifying her body, angel's family declined an on-camera interview. susan told reporters she feared for her daughter's life. >> all i know is that jesse st an abusive drinker. >> est peeespenoza's bail is set at $1 million. in selinas, kpix5. >> detectives are trying to find out what sparked a young man to go on a shooting spree in southern california killing three people. police say it started this morning when 20-year-old ali killed a woman at his orange county home. he went on a 25-mile rampage, shooting at drivers along the way. carjacked three people, killing two of them. >> he said, i don't want to hurt you. i killed somebody. today is my last day. give me your keys. >> police caught up in the city of orange. that's when he got out of his car and took his own life. >>>
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
for a former lapd officer suspected in three cold-blooded killings. l.a. authorities have upped the stakes in the search offering a record $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say this is christopher dorner dumping a gun belt, a helmet, lapd uniform, and ammunition the morning after his first two murders. the surveillance video captured across the street from a san diego police station. >> the helmet was sitting right up top, and the magazine and the belt was hidden under the boxes. >> reporter: the former cop, now fugitive, accused of killing three and wounding two others, was fired from the lapd after making false complaints about his training officer. now the los angeles police chief says a week after the killing spree began, he'll reopen dorner's case. >> people think that maybe there is something to what he says. and i want to put that to rest. the only way i know so how to review what's been reviewed at multiple levels. >> reporter: the search for dorner in the mountains is one of the largest manhunts in s
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am PST
cooler. 44 in l.a. i mentioned it will be a nice stretch of weather. san francisco if you're going to the 60s by friday. saturday warmest day about 64 degrees. that's great february weather. if you want to top that l.a. could be near 80 as we go through friday and saturday. we're talking good stuff head urge way. that's anny. great stretch of weather here right into the weekend also. i left out the great weather in the northwest because they will have some showers. >> straight ahead, what's happening to 4,000 carnival tourist with no power and problems with the toilets. >>> plus, a freshman in senator getting slapped down by veteran colleagues. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> chuck hagel is one step closer to becoming secretary of defense. an entire senate vote. hearings became heated after texas senator ted cruz suggested hagel received money from what he called, quote, extreme and radical groups. >> this senator feels like that senator cruz has gone over the line. he basically has impugned the patriotism of the nominee. >> senator hagel is an honorable man. he's served
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
are hunting for a former l.a. cop. police say the fired officer has been on a shooting rampage that has left three dead and several others injured. sal castaneda joins us now from the newsroom with more on the suspect and his dangerous crime spree. >> reporter: tory, the suspect is a tomorrow los angeles police officer who was fired in 2008 for making false statements. he is suspected of killing two people over the weekend and then shooting and killing a riverside police officer this morning. 33-year-old christopher dorner is described as an african american man, 6'0," 270 pounds, last seen driveing a gray nissan pickup truck. he was seen here with then police chief william bratton, the police advisor relm hired by oakland. police say his crime spree began sunday night when he shot and killed a woman, monica kwan, the daughter of former police captain and her fiance, a 27-year-old man. last night police say he attempted to steal a boat from the harbor but was unsuccessful. now steal on the run dorner shot at 4 police officers at two separate locations ambushing and killing a riverside office
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
: swat teams have been walking the area, near the big bear ski resort, searching for the former l- a-p-d officer. dorner is suspected of killing three people. in what's being described as a violent vendetta against l.a. police. dorner is a former military man - a navy reservist. who was fired from the l-a-p-d. the search is focused in the southern california mountains because dorner's burned pick-up truck was found in the area earlier today. kron four's charles clifford shows us where police are focusing their search tonight. >> reporter: big bear is about 100 miles east of downtown los angeles, in the san bernardino mountains. this is a view looking north across the area, big bear city sits here and just to the south of town is the bear mountain ski resort. now christopher dorner's burned out truck was found along a dirt road roughly a couple milesto the southwest of the ski area. this is a very remote pine trees and ravines. the terrain here is steep and rocky, also in the recent past there are have been forest fires in this area that have left a lot of debrie on the ground, that c
Feb 10, 2013 8:00am PST
for christopher dorner. the former l-a police officer out for revenge against the department that fired him. right now, more than 50 police officers and their families are being protected by fellow officers following death threats made by dorner. dorner blames the department and several former l-a-p-d colleagues for ending his career. authorities have been focusing their search on the big bear area in southern california. that's where dorner's charred pickup truck was found with weapons inside. let's go to kron four's mike pelton in the newsroom with more on our coverage. >> reporter: the l-a-p-d will reopen the investigation into the firing of christopher dorner who is accused of killing three people in retaliation against the department. dorner's manifesto calls the killing spree a last resort to clear his name. this all pertains to an incident in 2007 when dorner alleges he witnessed a white, female officer kick a mentally ill man named christopher gettler. dorner claims he reported the incident and was fired for doing so, however the l-a-p-d ruled the alleged kicks did not occur. dorner lost h
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
dorner- the murder suspect and former l.a. police officer. targeted in a massive manhunt. several media outlets reported his body was found in the rubble of a burned cabin near big bear. we are piecing together the latest information on the search for dorner. kron 4's reggie kumar is live here in the studio. he has the latest on where the investigation stands now. reggie? >> reporter: pam. the san bernadino county sheriff's department saying someone matching the cop killer's description was inside the big bear cabin that caught fire. but, it cannot confirm or deny that there is a body inside the cabin, and if there is. investigators aren't saying if its that of christopher dorner. >> investigators are still at the scene in big bear where the cabin burned down earlier today. authorities say the crime scene is large and they will be out there, along with homicide detectives most of the night gathering evidence. there are reports investigators heard a gunshot before the fire started in the cabin. and.the suspect may have taken his own life. but, that has not been confirmed. san bernandino
Feb 15, 2013 4:30am EST
, the fugitive former policeman. dorner lost a deadly vendetta against the l.a. police. teresa garcia reports. >> reporter: forensic evidence confirms what police suspected. it is indeed the body of wanted cop killer christopher dorner found inside a charred cabin near big bear lake. the identification was made three dorner's dental records. law enforcement engaged an intense four-hour shoot-out tuesday finally catching up with the fugitive who had been terrorizing police officers and their families for weeks. a sinal gunshot sent the cabin up in flames. the coroner has not yet given a cause of death. the san bernardino county sheriff says the situation has come to a close. >> we believe that this investigation is over at this point. >> reporter: authorities say dorner was carrying out a deadly revenge campaign upset over his firing from the los angeles police department in 2008. by the end of this rampage, police say dorner killed four people, two of them law enforcement, and wounded two others. theresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >>> in south africa oscar pistor
Feb 15, 2013 2:05am EST
. anyway -- >> welcome to l.a. bakersfield loves hoda and klg. >> i don't like the i peeed with kathie lee. i'm sorry. i think i would have remembered you if i did. oh, okay. you're right. >> she did. >> okay. the orange county. thank you. i love that. >> i see you, girl. i want to party with hoda. >> vanilla fire, i think she's selling something. are we going to order it now? >> later. >> okay, everybody. >> we have another valentine's day gift. we're not responsible for what's in this chat so we are just using the props. >> she shall remain nameless, joanne lamarka. >> if you have a sore on your shoulders or something and you want to rub it because you can't reach it, we have something that will work. it's a wrist band -- >> my wrist band is missing. >> yours is right here. oh that? it's like a pair of drawers for a ken doll. >> this goes in the side. i see what you're saying there, hoda woman. >> you put these on your fingers. >> all right i'm -- >> i need a manicure so bad. >> really, i was going to say, but woof as we say. >> i know. >> then you turn it on. and then go like that and t
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
at l.a.x. actor, academy award winner and now -- >> wrongly accused deli product steelerer. >> what about this sandwich thing? any comment? >> no, he's still too pissed after someone at this deli accused him of shoplifting an item last week and frisked him in the middle of the street. >> they found nothing? >> they found nothing. >> damn right they found nothing. he is a multigazillionaire. >> what did they think he took? >> black and whites. it wasn't a jewish deli though. >> the black and whites are really delicious. >> nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate and yet somehow racial harmony still eludes us. >> where is this? >> third avenue. >> was it east side? >> third and 89th. >> racial profile. >> is it possible they just profiled him as the shiftiest eye ever? >> that was mean. anyway, the deli apologized but people are pissed. like this guy. >> an employee of a deli, you're going to frisk me. you call the police and have the police frisk me but keep your hands off of me. >> absolutely. >> yes, deli, he won an oscar for god's sake. >> okay, there are probably better s
Feb 10, 2013 1:35am EST
released. >>> in california, authorities intensified their man hunt for a former l.a. police officer. the navy reservist suspected in three killings, with s.w.a.t. teams on the ground and helicopters in the air. authorities made a door to door search for christopher dorner near the san bernardino mountains. officials now say dorner's pickup truck found thursday in a nearby ski resort town may have been a decoy. he's accused of killing a police officer and the daughter of a police officer and her fiance in a rambling online manifesto. dorner listed dozens of potential targets he blames for his firing. and today, the l.a. police chief, charlie beck says he's going to reopen that investigation that led to dorner's firings. >> we are going to reopen the investigation and take a look at what of all facets of that investigation. >> now the chief says he's not reopening the case to appease dorner, but to restore peace in confidence. meantime, the entire l.a. police department remains on alert tonight and authorities say that includes beefed up security at tomorrow night's grammy awards. >
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
:43 this afternoon when cnn quoted the l.a. times as reporting that dorner has hostages with him in that cabin, a couple, but that reporting has not been confirmed by authorities. police have been combing big bear lake since dorner's pickup was found there after he shot the daughter of a former l.a. police captain and her fiance and shot officers in the l.a. area last week. police have been looking for the dorner since wednesday. the shootout began after dorner staged a home invasion, stealing the vehicle of the occupant who gave police a description. two fish and game officers saw the car 27 miles away, tried to pull it over and were shot by dorner who ran into the woods. cbs affiliate reporter, carter evans was there less than an hour ago and heard gun shots and saw officers racing to surround that cabin where dorner is believed to be pinned down. listen to his phone reports and hear the gunfire and the chaos. >> i hear gunfire from several directions. the phone reports of carter evans less than an hour ago. the latest information is that that dorner is pinned down in the cabin. the locatio
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
to get to william la jeunesse who is at the l.a. police department. the lapd said when they had news they would come out and tell you. this is their guy. he is targeting their police officers. any word from lapd. what is happening at the scene where you are? >> they have not come down yet. they are monitoring an active shooter situation, trace. the last news conferences, they have given away of what they known with investigative details. as i said moments ago, this morning it seemed like they were searching for a needle in a haystack, reiterating to people in big bear, if you have surveillance video that could show this guy and the vehicle he might be in, let us know. we do have information that why he is there. because he had a friend, the initials according to affidavit by u.s. marshal whose parents had a cabin in the area. he headed there when he couldn't go to mexico and steal a boat in san diego. maybe the car broke down or broken axle up there and that is what abandoned him in the area. the good news, he doesn't have the stuff. only what is on his body. tried to steal a vehicle
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 1:00am PST
. the dorner accused training officer of kicking a suspect but the l.a.p.d. found that was not true and fired dorner. a judge upheld the firing. so now the question is did dorner achieve a propaganda victory by having the case reopened. >> i hear the ghost of the pass los angeles police department people think that maybe there is something to what he says and i want to put that with to rest. review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analyst. and you say, juan? >> i think this is a smart move by the chief. on two levels, two quick points, bill. one is i think that if he can lure dorner in by making dorner think there is some way that his name might be cleared or he can get justice. if he can get him, it's a tremendous hostage negotiation tactic and i understand it point number two. you remember the o.j. simpson case. i think that verdict. nobody thinks o.j. was isn't innocent. that was a verdict against the lang police department and their history of police brutality. here is the police chief s
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